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2017.04.21 SnRK2 Kinases Modulate miRNA Accumulation in Arabidopsis

2017.03.20 Multiplex gene editing in rice using the CRISPR-Cpf1 system

2017.03.20 Gene targeting by homology-directed repair in rice using a geminivirus-based CRISPR/Cas9 system

2017.02.22 The Novel Mechanism that Glucose and Light/Auxin Orchestrate TOR Signaling for Activation of the Root and Shoot Apexes

2016.07.29 Scientists Discover New Functions of FAR-RED ELONGATED HYPOCOTYL3 in Plant Meristem Determinacy and Maintenance

2016.07.06 DNA methylation interaction mediated by RdDM is not involved in hybrid vigor

2016.06.28 Researchers decipher how ROS Sensor Acts in Chloroplast

2016.03.01 A novel mechanism for eukaryotic gene expression control

2015.05.15 New Strategy, a Potential Application for Crop Improvement

2014.11.21 CKI-RB-E2F Cell Cycle Signaling Pathway Mediates Plant Effector-Triggered Immunity

2014.06.04 ABA Receptor PYL8 identified as a Promoter in Lateral Root Growth

2014.03.05 A Novel Auxin Sensing Complex at the Cell Surface of Arabidopsis

2013.07.10 New Chemical Helps Plants Fight Drought

2013.05.09 New Study Reports DTF1 Roles in RNA Polymerase IV Recruitment

2012.06.15 IDM1 regulates DNA methylation in Arabidopsis

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