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PSC Shanghai is willing to accept outstanding students from any corner of the world.

Like a magnet, PSC Shanghai attracts world-class scientists from all over the globe. Combined with the best talents and equipment in the world, both challenges and opportunities PSC Shanghai provides. By joining several programs, you will become a member of an international hub focused on cutting-edge research of plant science, such as mechanistic studies of plant growth and development, acclimation to environmental stresses, and molecular strategies for improving the quality and productivity of agriculturally important crops.


PSC Shanghai offers the following programs to foreign students in the fields of plant biology and biotechnology: M.S Program, PhD. Program, Program for Regular Visiting Students, and Program for Senior Visiting Students. Any foreigners who are healthy and willing to abide by the Chinese laws and decrees, respect the Chinese customs and habits, and meet our academic qualifications may apply directly to PSC Shanghai.

All programs for foreign students will be open soon.

Chinese / National

PSC Shanghai offers M.S / PhD. Program to national Chinese students who meet our academic requirements.

Please go to to gain more detailed information.

M.S /PhD. Program
The M.S /PhD. program offers superb training for research in fields of plant biology and biotechnology. Extraordinary flexibility is a characteristic of this five-to-seven-year course of study.
For the first two years, all M.S candidates follow course of study according to their research interests as well as take experimental trainings in each laboratory. At the end of the fourth semester, these students participate in the doctoral preliminary examination. Those who pass the exam will be confirmed as qualified PhD. candidates and embark on an uninterrupted three-to-five-year PhD. program, while those fail will automatically alter to third-year M.S students.
Students who already got their M.S degrees can also join in this program directly from the fifth semester as qualified PhD. candidates.

PhD. Students' Supervisor List
Code Research Direction Mentors
071001 Plant Stress Biology / Epigenetics Jiankang Zhu
Proteomics and Metabolomics Yimin She
071007 Plant Cell Biology / Plant Cell Signaling Zhenbiao Yang
Molecular Biology / Genetics Jianming Li
Bioinformatics Renyi Liu

Timetable and Deadlines
Applications for upcoming fall admission periods become available in September of this year. Some application deadlines change each year, please check the application deadline at our webpage frequently before September.
1. Make sure you meet the admissions requirements.
2. Complete the online registration at
3. Complete the following general admission procedures.
a) Entrance Examination: Applicants for M.S/ PhD. Program are required to take an entrance examination, which consists of two tests in the applicants’ respective academic fields, one English test and one politics test. Applicants whose native language or official language is English will be exempted from the English test. Applicants who already had M.S degree will be exempted from the politics test. All the tests are in written form and each lasts for 3 hours. Applicants will be notified of the time and venue of the tests after their application is received by University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS).
b) Interview: Applicants having passed the entrance examination should expect to be interviewed, and should be responsible for all the travel and other related expenses. An interview notice will be sent to each applicant.
c) Admission: An Admission Letter will be sent to the successful applicants.

1. Applicants should be healthy and willing to abide by the Chinese laws and decrees.
2. Applicants should get B.S degree/ M.S degree no later than next August.
3. Application materials to be prepared:
  An application for admission;
  Degree certificate of the highest education level (notarized photocopy);
  Transcripts of undergraduate and/or graduate studies (notarized photocopy/photocopies);
  Two letters of recommendation from your instructors at full professor level or other person familiar with your activities with equivalent academic achievement (only for applicants who had M.S degree);
  Curriculum vitae;
  Other useful academic materials related to applicants’ research interests or research fields.

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