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Introduction Top
The Biotech Platform consists of two parts: genetic transformation and plant phenomics. Transgenic plants are designed to provide the state-of-the-art technology on gene transfer, gene discovery and gene modification. It also functions in the areas of intellectual property and regulatory affairs. We aim to serve for the researches in the Center. At the same time, efforts are made to find the genes that can offer new and high quality traits for crops, to accelerate the process of scientific research and to promote the transformation of research results to the application of industrial and agricultural production.
Plant phenomics can support automated 3D visible image observation and watering management at small scale. It will provide services on the phenotypic assessment and screening for gene discovery and the development of new biological product, through phenotypic feature recognition and comparison, quantitative traits, growth dynamic analysis and design of experimental observation.
Equipment Top

LemnaTecScanalyzer3D HT

LemnaTec Scanalyzer3D HT, integrated automation and control technology, conveyors, cabinet imaging and watering and weighing module, can realize time observation and water management at a small scale. Through non-destructive and continuous 3D scan from top and sides, evolution of plant growth and/or difference analysis between control and the treatments.

The core OS includes:

Service & Fees Top

1.Callus induction and shoot elongation

2. Plants genetic transformation and positive events screening

3. Plant phenotypic RGB scan and analysis

Technical resources Top

Tissue Culture Reservation: [WORD]

Transgenic Plants Reservation:[WORD]

Reservation Request for Plant Scanalyzer:[WORD]

Email forplant scanalyzer reservation:

Note1: As pre-configuration and preparationare needed for plant phenotypic observation, the contents and dates to scan are subject to our confirmation.

Note2: Reservations must be made at least one week in advance for a continuous phenotypic observation job more than 5 days.

Contact Top

Contact: Dr. Lihong Xiao
Address:Core Facility of Biotechnology, Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Research Building Room 330, 3888 Chenhua Road, Songjiang, Shanghai 201602, China

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