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PSC Frontier Seminar Series

PSC Frontier Seminar Series
Title: The Use of Desiccation-tolerant Microorganisms for the Selection of Horizontally Transferred Information by Drought-Reaction-Cycling.
Speaker: Prof. Maximino Manzanera. Institute for Water Research and Dept of Microbiology. University of Granada

Time: 2:00pm

Date: February 14th, 2017 (Tuesday)

Host PI: Prof. Huiming Zhang

Venue: NO.1 Conference Room


Abstract: Drought is considered the major abiotic stress with the greatest effect on plants, and on soil microbiota, acting as a very efficient selective agent on natural selection. Some of the microorganisms able to survive drought protect other organisms from dying including other microorganisms and plants (Vilchez et al., 2016), while most desiccation-sensitive organisms and a considerable portion of the desiccation-tolerant organisms die, releasing their genetic content into their environment. We have recently described that the DNA present on the surrounding of desiccation-tolerant microorganisms is actively acquired and used to protect their essential biomolecules from the drying effect (Garcia-Fontana et al., 2016). Once the stress has passed, that DNA can be released back into the environment or recombine into the chromosome of the desiccation-tolerant microorganism. Such recombination of the newly acquired DNA, partially explain the higher rate of horizontally transferred information among desiccation-tolerant organisms. Here we propose the use of this particular effect for the selection of the horizontally transferred information involved on crop protection by subjecting plants to different cycles of drought in the presence of the desiccation-tolerant microorganisms.


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This presentation will be delivered in English.


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