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PSC Frontier Seminar Series

Title: Molecular mechanism of phosphate deficiency-induced remodeling of root architecture

Speaker: Prof. Dong LiuTsinghua University.

Time: 9:30am

Day/Date: April 6th, 2017(Thursday)

Host PI: Prof. Mingguang Lei

Venue: PSC Auditorium


The remodeling of root architecture is a major adaptive response of plants to phosphate (Pi) deficiency. In this presentation, I will first introduce what has been published in literatures about the underlying mechanism controlling this response. ThenI will talk about our work on this topic. In our work, we found that an Arabidopsis tonoplast-localized ABC (ATP-binding cassette) transporter complex is involved in plant root response to Pi deficiency. This ABC transporter complex consists of two subunits which are encoded by ALS3 (ALUMINUM SENSITIVE3) and STAR1 (SENSITIVE TO ALUMINUM RHIZOTOXICITY 1) genes, respectively. In Arabidopsis, LPR1 (LOW PHOSPHATE ROOT1) and LPR2 encode ferroxidase. We provide evidence that ALS3/AtSTAR1 transporter complex acts with LPR1/2 to regulate Pi deficiency-induced remodeling of root architecture by modulating Fe homeostasis in roots.

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