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Jian-Kang Zhu
Plant Stress Biology

Jianming Li
Plant Hormone Biology

Alberto Macho
Molecular Plant - Bacteria Interactions

Huiming Zhang
Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria

Jiamu Du
Structure Biology

Tongda Xu
Plant Hormones and Development

Weiman Xing
Biomolecular Structure and Design

Yan Xiong
Plant Nutrient Signaling and Stress Resistance

Heng Zhang
Core Facility of Genomics

Renyi Liu
Core Facility of Bioinformatics

Shingo Nagawa
Core Facility of Cell biology

Chanhong Kim
Photosynthesis and Stress Signaling

Mingguang Lei
Plant Molecular Nutrtion

Daisuke Miki
Plant Stress Biology

Rosa Lozano-Duran
Molecular Plant - Virus Interactions

Chaofeng Huang
Plant Metal Stress Biology

Yoji Kawano
Signal Transduction and Immunity

Huiming Zhang
Core Facility of Proteomics

Xiaohong Zhu
Plant Stress Biology

Yuehui He
Epigenetics & Plant Development

Pengcheng Wang
Protein Kinase and Plant Stress Biology
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