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About Us
Situated in the picturesque Chenshan Botanical Garden, the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology (PSC) is a new national institution for fostering world-class research and nurturing next-generation scientists in the field of plant biology. As a unit of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, PSC’s mission is to address fundamental issues of plant biology in order to improve agricultural productivity and sustainability and to mitigate agriculture-related environmental degradation. Research at PSC is focused on mechanistic studies of plant growth and development, acclimation to environmental stresses, and on molecular strategies for improving the quality and productivity of agriculturally important crops.

Just 25 miles from the city center of Shanghai, one of the world’s largest commercial and financial centers, is the site chosen for the main campus of PSC. This superb site was carefully selected by a committee of scientists and government officials as a location where the PSC scientists can collaborate, communicate and network easily with their colleagues around the globe while conceiving, designing and conducting cutting-edge research projects in a serene and tranquil environment. We aim to develop PSC into an international hub in the fields of plant biology and biotechnology.

Our center receives generous support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Besides the funds for the initial construction of the research campus, resources made available to PSC include annual operational fund for its faculty members, management and maintenance of its core facilities; and its necessary future development. In order to foster creativity and innovation, the PSC leadership is committed to practice an integrated operational plan that is tailored to meet the needs and mission of the center.

We believe in talents as much as we believe in science. All of our senior faculty members are world-class scientists with track records of ground-breaking discoveries in their respective fields of studies such as the molecular mechanisms of plant responses to environment stresses, epigenetic gene regulation, molecular basis for cell polarity and cell shape formation, and plant steroid signaling. We at PSC are now recruiting exceptional talents, may it be students, principal investigators, supporting staff, corporate collaborators or private and community donors. Every talent can be our partner in a variety of innovative ways. Check out our ongoing recruitment and other partnership programs if you are interested in becoming part of this exciting endeavor.