Message from the Director

I am pleased to welcome you to the Shanghai Center for Plant Stress Biology (PSC). At PSC, we are interested in fundamental questions as well as applied goals in any areas of plant biology and biotechnology. Since its inception approximately one year ago, we have recruited some top-notch PIs, admitted a group of energetic graduate students, built up core facilities with advanced instrumentation, and have made notable progress in exciting research projects. Whether you are a current or prospective student or faculty member, industrial or academic collaborator, or a community partner who has a passion for science like we do, I invite you to explore the many exciting opportunities at PSC.

Without revolutionary solutions in plant agriculture, the current population explosion and ongoing environmental degradation will leave billions of people without a sufficient food supply in the coming decades. Our mission at PSC is to do innovative research to address major questions in plant biology that impact agricultural productivity and sustainability. Our tasks also include nurturing talented young scientists to become future leaders of plant science.

Thank you for your interest in PSC. Let’s work together to make PSC a world-class center for plant biology and biotechnology!


Jian-Kang Zhu