Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Party

To celebrate the 2020 Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, PSC graduate student union held a great party in the afternoon of September 27, 2020 at PSC auditorium. Excellent gala shows were performed by students on this party and all PSC people participated in the celebration.
At the beginning, Prof. Chunzhao Zhao delivered warm festival greetings. He looked back and shared his study and research career. In addition, He encouraged all students to persist on the fundamental research and be diligent in thinking and sum up timely. Prof. Leiming Guang suggested students be integrity in science research and explore the unknown world with heart. At last, Hong Zhang, secretary of graduate student affairs appreciated everyone’s cooperation during the COVID-19 prevention and control.
Songs, dances, sketch comedies, drama, Chinese flute show and interactive games brought cheerfully chatting and laughter. The opening dance “Mojito” started the exciting show and the song of “Fragrance of Rice” bring the activity to a perfect conclusion.
This celebration party presented the passion and wise of 2020 new students and enhanced the cohesion of PSC. We all believe, with the love to PSC and consistent efforts, PSC will definitely have a better tomorrow.