PSC Party member caring classroom opened up with a CPR & AED secure course

The PSC Party member caring classroom, a newly established learning activity facing to PSC party members and the public people, has just opened up with the first class “CPR & AED secure” on October 16 at PSC auditorium. More than 40 faculty members and graduate students participated in the training course.
AHA instructors from Shanghai H-Grace Technology Ltd. first presented the background and current situation of the heart first aid in China. Because of the lack of heart first aid knowledge, the low distribution ratio of AED devices and even the ignorance of 'Good Samaritan' regulation, China have a much lower cardiac arrest survival rate than developed countries. The popularity rate of emergency response and first aid technology in China is only 1% now, far below the USA (25%), Sweden (45%), Australia (50%) and Japan (92%). In a situation like this, it is quite important and urgent to teach most people to master chest compressions and the use of AEDs and to educate the non-medical-staff to perform a treatment timely and effectively before the arrival of medical personnel.
In the interactive experiential training part, with the two instructors’ comprehensive instruction, all audience learned and practiced when and how to perform a cardiac first aid treatment as a first responder. Participators qualified in the exercise assessment were awarded a course certificate.
In daily life, many unexpected circumstances would cause a sudden cardiac death accident, like falling, drowning, car accident and foreign body airway obstructions. But the “golden rescue time” for a cardiac first aid is just 4 minutes! If first aid is not performed within 10 minutes after the accident, the survival chance will be relatively slim.
After two hours concentrated studying and practice, all participators generated an acutely awareness that cardio-pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and automated external defibrillator (AED) are the heart saver in society and life can be saved by ordinary people with prompt and correct treatment. Wish the implement of “Health China strategy” could prompt and turn the first aid to be a universal knowledge in China. Wish a sudden cardiac death accident is not a farewell end in the near further.