2020 graduate student watched “Beidou Spirit in New Era” experience sharing report

October 29, Shanghai Science and Technology Committee, Shanghai Association for Science & Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Branch, Shanghai Science & Technology Commission, Shanghai Education Commission and Shanghai Communist Youth League committee organized a working experience sharing report on the research and development of “Beidou Navigation Satellite system-3” (BDS-3) in Shanghai Science Hall. PSC 2020 graduate student collectively watched the report online at PSC meeting room.
In the report, Dr. Baojun Lin, the chief architect of BeiDou Navigation Satellite System-3 in Innovation Academy for Microsatellites of CAS, introduced the goals and principles of BDS-3 development. “The BDS-3 has been independently constructed and operated by China with an eye to the needs of the country's national security and economic and social development. As a space infrastructure of national significance, the BDS-3 provides all-time, all-weather and high-accuracy positioning, navigation and timing services to global users.” Said Dr. Lin. The chief designers of BDS-3, Dr. Shaoqian Li and Dr. Xiaoyue Li shared their technological breakthroughs and the technical difficulties they have overcame in the whole process.
Hundreds of unsung heroes in the construction of BDS-3 cultivated the BeiDou spirit in the new era. They have carried forward the spirit of “the Long March, Two Bombs One Satellite” and lead us to forge ahead.