PSC Party member caring classroom held emergency illness treatment course

The PSC Party member caring classroom held the second course on “emergency illness treatment” on November 6 at PSC auditorium. More than 30 faculty members and graduate students participated in the training course.
Instructors from Shanghai H-Grace Technology Ltd. first listed common emergency illnesses in daily life. Depending on whether the patient has breathing and heartbeat or not, a first responder could perform with a cardiac first aid treatment or other treatment methods. Through detailed teaching videos and comprehensive live demonstrations, all audience learned and practiced how to react to traumatic bleeding, cataclasis, heatstroke, airway obstruction, drowning, stroke, heart attack, ambustion, frostbite, electric shock and heart arrest. In addition, instructor showed the most effective way to communicate with the 120 First Aid Center when we met a problem in real.
Accidents happened all the time, but if every patient could receive a prompt first aid treatment, the damage will be reduced quite a lot. After two hours concentrated studying and practice, all participators mastered the skill on the first aid treatment of common emergency illnesses. Wish after two times training this year, PSC people could contribute more to the “Health China strategy”.