M.S/ PhD. Program Work Flow    Current Students

NO. Evaluation Process Academic Year Guidelines and Forms
1 Rotation / 1. Rotation Intention List
2. Rotation Mark Sheet
2 Advisor-student Selection Sep., 1st Semester 1. Advisor-student selection Intention Form
2. Regulation on Advisor-student selection
3 Thesis Proposal M.S Students: 3rd Semester
PhD. Students: 2nd Semester
M.S Students: organized by each lab
PhD. Students: organized by PSC Shanghai
4 Preliminary Examination 4th Semester 1. Guideline to evaluate the Preliminary Examination
2. Proposal Guideline
5 Literature Review M.S Students: 10th Semester
PhD. Students: 6th Semester
6 Academic Activities    
7 Thesis Defense   1. Degree Application Form
2. Dissertation Resolution Report